Judy Suppo
Treasurer (Retired)

Judy came to work alongside of her husband Del in 1977. Judy oversees the office staff. As well as answering the phones and helping with store sales, Judy is predominantly the one who guides you through the in-ground purchase process. She will sit down with you and go over options and features and help you design the perfect pool for you and your family.


Del Suppo Sr.
Founder (Retired)

Del is the man who started it all. Del began as a general contractor and realized the opportunity in the pool business. He is an extremely hard worker. If you want to get Del roused up, ask him about an indoor pool and the variance of temperature between the water and air! 38 years of building pools has given Del an abundance of pool knowledge.


Del “Buster” Suppo Jr.
Vice President

Buster joined the family business in 1987. He received his Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration in 1995. Buster does it all, from in-ground installs, liners replacements, Loop-loc measurements and installation and much more. He oversees all marketing, bookkeeping, laborers and is on site for all pool builds.


Cathy Quattro
General Manager

Cathy has been the right hand lady at our company for 20 years now! A seasoned veteran of the pool industry, Cathy handles all purchasing, scheduling, and so much more! We try to keep her off the sales floor, but she’s the one the customers love and ask for by name.

Contact Cathy directly at:c.quattro@delsuppopools.com


Tony Clement

Tony has a bachelors degree from California University of Pennsylvania in Graphic Communications and Multimedia technology. He is our marketing specialist and sales rep, but he also does a little bit of everything. Tony creates/maintains the website for our company. He does our media, taking photos and videos of the pools we build. He films testimonies from our satisfied customers and maintains all of our social media accounts. Tony enjoys spending time with his family and friends, sports, adventuring outdoors and video games.

Contact Tony directly at: t.clement@delsuppopools.com

Tyler Gamble

Tyler Gamble
Sales/Repair/Customer Service

Tyler started with Del Suppo Pools early in 2018 but it feels like he's been here for years! He's a great addition to the Del Suppo Family. He has 10 years of experience in the pool industry. He is very knowledgably with all products, but especially earth filters, which are his favorite. He is great with customers and will be happy to help you out with whatever problem you're having. If you're looking for recommendations on new products or pools, he'd be happy to help you as well. In his off time, Tyler enjoys spending time with his family or taking an adventure outdoors.

Contact Tyler directly at t.gamble@delsuppopools.com

Tim Andrews

Tim Andrews

Foreman of Automatic Cover Installation.

Tim has been with Del Suppo's for a few years now and has been a great and important team member ever since. Tim rose up the ranks quickly and became our automatic cover foreman within three years of employment through his hard work and dedication. He can do everything from installing pools to repairs to fixing covers.