Why you should own a Polaris Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner

For a limited time only, the Polaris 9450 Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner is $100 off! This special rebate will last until March 31st, 2016. 
You can only get this deal IN STORES!

Here are some wonderful reasons why you should invest in a Polaris Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner:

  • The Polaris 9450 can clean pools up to 50’ in length! That’s larger than the most standard pool sizes!
  •  It is 4 WHEEL DRIVE. You love the 4 wheel drive option in your car, why not have it standard on your pool cleaner? Having this
  • It is so energy efficient it can “reduce energy consumption by up to 90%” That is a huge savings on your end!
  • It has a “pleated scrubbing brush” allows the 9450 to clean all pool surfaces, tiles, steps, and those hard to reach corners. All of this is done in UNDER 2 HOURS
  • It’s Vortex Vacuum and large suction intake means that it can pick up large debris, like those pesky leaves, effortlessly. 
  • The Aqua-Trac tires allows the Polaris to move easily through the pool…no getting stuck on drains or other obstacles!

Those are just the great cleaning facts! Here are some other perks that you will enjoy!  

  • It has a 7 day programmable timer.  You just set it and forget it!
  • Its light weight and with the easy lift system, the Polaris will come to the top of the pool where you want it to for easy removal from the pool!
  • The filter canister is larger than most pool cleaners PLUS it is super easy to clean! No more sticking your hands in the canister to clean our debris!
  • Finally, the ActivMotion Sensor that automatically knows the location of the Polaris in the pool at all times, so there are no tangles and no hang ups!

Stop wasting your valuable pool time cleaning the pool, let the Polaris Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner do the work for you! 

Stop in before they are sold out!