Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Hot Tub

10. They can be used year-round.

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Swimming pools may only be great in the summer, but hot tubs can be used year round.  You can enjoy starry nights, changing leaves, freshly fallen snow, or colorful sunsets in a hot tub.


9. They actually save water.

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Relaxing in a bath tub requires you to drain the water after each use.  Using a hot tub only requires it to be drained and refilled every few months.


8. They can help you sleep better.


Using a hot tub 1-2 hours before you go to bed can help you sleep better at night.  Hot tubs raise your body temperature, and the rapid cool down afterwards relaxes you and aids you into a sound sleep.

7. They can help you heal quicker.

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Hydrotherapy, most commonly hot water, is known to help people who are recovering from injury or surgery.  The increased blood flow and circulation to the inflicted area can speed the healing process.


6. You can lose weight in them.


Simple exercises such as bicycle kicks or arm crossovers can help with weight management. The resistance of the water relieves joint pressure and does not put added stress on your body when exercising.


5. They can enhance your social life.

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You and your friends and family have the opportunity to spend quality time together.  Everyone will have a chance to unwind and relax.


4. They are easy to manage and are energy efficient.


Newer technology allows hot tubs to stay clean with only a few minutes of weekly maintenance needed. Models are now being produced that meet energy standards and meet consumers desire for greener products.


3. They are great for children and grandchildren.

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Because they are smaller than pools, children love them.  Relaxing in a hot tub is a great family activity. 


2. They can motivate you at work.

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It's important to reward ourselves for a job well done.  Knowing you have a relaxing hot tub to come home to will inspire you to work hard.


1. They are great for your health.

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Hot tubs have numerous health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, relieving pain, aiding digestion, and treating colds. 



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