Why An Automatic Safety Cover is Right for You.

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Whether you are shopping for a new pool and contemplating an automatic pool cover as an addition for your backyard makeover or you're considering adding one to an existing pool, this blog hopefully will help you see why it's the right choice for you. There are several reasons to enhance your pool with an automatic cover by Cover Pools. Several more reason why to get it from Del Suppo Inc. or Tri-State Pool Covers.

Let's go back over 25 years to 1991 when Buster Suppo installed his first Cover Pools auto-cover in Cheat Lake, WV. It was Busters first big job that he landed for Del Suppo Inc. The customer found us in the Yellow Pages and proceeded to ask about the pool and the about cover itself. Buster then worked with the architects and builders to construct this 13' by 62' indoor lap pool being constructed in the basement of the customers new home. This particular customer saw that an Auto-Cover by Cover Pools was, without parallel, the right choice for them due to first and foremost safety. Being a young couple with a baby at the time, the added safety and piece of mind was reason enough to purchase the cover. Other than the practical safety features, the sheer convenience and humidity control were also leading factors in why it was the right choice for their build.

As years went by we've continued to install auto-covers and in 2009 we were awarded the opportunity to become the regions Cover Pools distributor giving us the ability to sell and service all makes of auto-covers, thus, Tri-State Pool Covers was born. This also allows us to use our expertise working as a sub-contractor to other pool builders for the installation of an auto-cover while not competing with their pool installation.

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Now for the actual covers. While safety is a huge advantage with an auto-cover by Cover Pools and cannot be emphasized enough; it's not the only advantage to take into consideration. I briefly touched on humidity control for an indoor pool, similarly with an outdoor pool an auto-cover can prevent up to 95% of water loss due to evaporation. They can also reduce your operating cost by 70% by reducing chemical usage, retaining heat gained from heater/heat pump, and by keeping leaves, pollen, and other debris out. They also function as a 3-1 cover serving as a safety cover, solar cover, and winter cover eliminating the need for multiple covers. Getting the cover off and on is literally as simple as turning a key allowing for one person opertation.

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Now for a little on Cover Pools auto-covers themselves. In 1965 Joe Lamb invented the the Automatic pool cover and founded Cover Pools. Cover Pools is the largest manufacturer selling their products in all 50 states as well as internationally. They remain at the forefront of innovation and technology in the field.  They have been awarded Best-in-Class for their motor/mechanism.

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They offer a lifetime warranty on the mechanism, 7 year warranty on their quadcore fabric, and a 3 year warranty on the motor, controls, and components which is the best warranty available on comparable products.

For more information or a quote feel free to stop in and see us! Hope to see you soon!