How Heavy Rain Affects Your Pool Water!

Summer is officially here, but that hasn’t stopped the rain in Western Pennsylvania. The rain has been coming heavy and often over the past few weeks and it is important to understand how this rain can affect your pool water, and how to handle your pool after a large rainstorm.

How rain water can affect your pool:

            Rain water is often known to have acidic properties that can negatively affect your water chemistry. The rain water most commonly affects your pH levels. The reason for this is that rainfall across the U.S usually has a pH level of around 5.0. The pH level of your pool is supposed to sit between 7.4-7.6 ppm, so a very heavy rainfall can bring your pH level down out of the recommended range. Low pH can be damaging to your pool, body, and checkbook in a few different ways. Low pH means your water is acidic, this can cause skin irritation and eye irritation to swimmers. Also, any metal fixture that is touching the water is also at risk of corrosion, so a metal ladder, a heater, or anything else could become eroded over time. Lastly, these low pH levels will not allow your chlorine to work as well as it should, so you aren’t getting maximum use out of your chlorine pucks!

            Rain water can also introduce some new contaminants to your pool. Your sanitizer will begin to fight them off, so you also want to be sure that your chlorine levels are in the proper range after rain.

How to prepare your pool for a rainstorm:

            Before the rain comes, there are a few things you can do to prepare your pool.

#1 – Remove anything from around the pool that is not securely fastened down.

            With rainstorms often comes heavy winds. If you have things such as potted plants near your pool, it is a good idea to bring them in the house or move them far away from the pool. Other things such as patio furniture, grills, lawn gnomes, or pool accessories should also be put into a safe place so they do not break, or blow into your pool.

#2 – Prepare the pool water.

            Make sure your water chemistry is in balance before the rain comes. You can add a bit of algaecide to your water as well. A well balanced pool will make it easier to fight off contaminants and easier to clean after the storm has passed.

#3- Get inside and stay out of the water!

            It is never a good idea to swim during a rain storm, especially if there is thunder and lightning. Get inside and stay dry and safe!

What to do after the storm has passed:

            Hopefully the storm has come and gone without doing too much damage. If the rain was heavy and you think your water has been affected, here are some steps to take to bring your pool back to perfection.

#1 – Turn on your pool pump and filter.

            Remove any debris from the skimmer and pump baskets and then get your pump running so it can begin to filter out any small debris.

#2 – Remove debris from the water surface using your skimmer net and telescopic pole.

            The wind probably blew around some leaves and other debris into the pool. You’ll want to get this debris out using a net before it all falls to the bottom.

#3- Use your vacuum or automatic pool cleaner to brush and vacuum your pool.

            Brush any debris from the steps or ladders so that your vacuum or filter can get it. Vacuuming should help you get all of the remaining debris out of the water.

#4- Bring a water sample to Del Suppo Pools and Spas to have it professionally tested!

            Come and visit our friendly and knowledgeable staff at 26 McKean Ave in Donora, PA to have your pool water professionally tested. We have equipment that tells us your pool chemistry down to an exact number. We also have all of the chemicals you would need, plus much more!


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