What Are Chloramines and How To Deal With Them.

Hello! We hope all of our customers and readers are enjoying the change of the weather! As the seasons change from fall to summer, it’s a very exciting and important time for pool owners. This blog was written to inform pool owners about an issue that many pool owners face throughout the season, CHLORAMINES.

What Are Chloramines?

Chloramines, which are also known as Combined Chlorine, are chlorine molecules that have combined in the water with ammonia and nitrogen. These contaminants are introduced to your water through a plethora of different ways. The most common reasons ammonia and nitrogen compounds get into your water are by swimmers that are using some kind of skin care product, or hair care product. Other things include cosmetics, perspiration, and saliva. These chloramines give off an obnoxious chlorine smell and can cause skin and eye irritation that many owners blame on chlorine itself.

How to deal with Chloramines.

 These chloramines can be kept in check by frequent testing and super-chlorination (Shocking your pool). The level of the chloramines can rise due to variability in the bather load, so it should be checked frequently, especially after you have a large party, or a lot of people in your pool. If your combined chlorine levels are reading above 0.3 PPM, you should treat your pool for chloramines. We recommend this treatment be done by adding a NON-CHLORINE shock to your pool.  By adding a non-chlorine shock to your pool, you treat the chloramines and kill them. It is suggested that you add 1 pound of a non-chlorine shock per 10,000 gallons of water in your pool. Don’t worry about overdoing it, as that will not hurt anything! We suggest adding more than the required amount to be sure the chloramine level is taken control of, and any remaining non-chlorine shock will stick around and handle the problem next time chloramines arise.

If you think you are having trouble with chloramines, we invite you to stop in to our showroom at 26 McKean Avenue in Donora, PA to have your water tested! We have a wide variety of shock including the non-chlorine based shock that is perfect for dealing with those pesky chloramines!


Thanks for reading!