Frequent Problem Solutions/Tips to for Zodiac/Jandy Salt Systems

Hello, everyone. Del Suppo Pools here with another blog that will hopefully help some of you out!

This blog is about salt systems. Just like any other device, If you have a salt system, you may run into some problems/have some questions or you may just be looking for tips to help keep the salt system running smoothly. Hopefully this blog could help you out and address those problems/questions!

  • The most obvious solution to some problems is to make sure there is power running to the salt system. Sometimes a breaker will trip and the customer will not realize this and will think the salt system is broken, when in reality there's just no power going to it. 

  • Make sure to get a new Fusion Nature 2 Mineral Pack every year for the pool opening. 

  • Keep a salinity reading between 3 - 3.5 ppm. A chlorine reading between 1-3 ppm. A pH reading between 7-4-7.8 ppm. and an alkalinity reading between 125-150 ppm.

  • If the salinity level needs raised, add salt directly into the pool water while the pumps and filters are running. Test salinity after letting the newly added salt circulate in the pool for 24 hours. 

  • If you receive the NO FLOW reading: Check baskets, valves, and filters and make sure all are clean. 

    If all of those items are clean. Manually check the salinity reading using salt test strips. If the salt level is high, you must drain your pool between 12"-18" and refill it with fresh water. 

    If salt level is low, add salt and let circulate for 24 hours. 

    If chlorine level is low, boost to 100% using the boost button D for 24 hours. After the 24 hours, the system will return to original setting. To clear boost, press and hold D for 10 seconds. OR you can shock the pool to get the chlorine level to raise.

    Tip: Boost before heavy bather load. A boost will take the place of granular shock. 

    If Chlorine is low, Raise productivity 5%-10% & then boost. 

  • If pool water is cloudy/slimy, add shock and boost to get to a 3-5 chlorine reading.

  • The warmer the water, the higher the productivity rate and more product will be needed. (Shock, etc.)

  • You will need to replace the salt cell every 3-5 years.

  • The warranty is 3 years from the day the salt system is installed.

    The homeowner should try to troubleshoot problems first by going through the product manual.

    If a service technician goes out to a pool and the problem is not covered by warranty, the customer will be billed accordingly. 

    If you still have questions or this didn't solve your problem, feel free to call us 724-379-5066, stop in at 26 McKean Ave. Donora, PA. 15033. or Stop in or call your local pool company!

    Thanks for reading and hope this helped you out!